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Vehicle Transport Services

Transporting Vehicles with USA CarShip

Vehicle Transport Services with USA CarShip

There are many reasons you may need vehicle transport services, but one of the biggest reasons is people are now buying cars online from all over the country. Car transport has become a high demand. Other reasons you may need to arrange vehicle shipping services are if you are moving across country for a new job, you’re a snowbird and move south for the winter, or maybe you need to ship a car to your child going away to college somewhere of great distance. It's easy to get a car shipping quote with USA CarShip. You can fill out our car shipping calculator online, call us at (404) 806 - 5330, or start a live chat with one of our vehicle transport experts.


Open Air vs Enclosed Car Shipping Services

Open-Air Vehicle transport service is the most common form of shipping a car. This is also the most economical way to ship a car, as the cost to ship a car is spread over the truck because an open car carrier can carry up to 8-10 cars at one time. Open-air carriers generally carry around 250,000 dollars of cargo insurance coverage. If your car is worth more than 50,000 dollars, we suggest you ship enclosed, or purchase additional coverage if you are going to ship open-air. The reason is, if the entire truck and all its cargo is totaled, then that only leaves about 30,000 per car.

Enclosed Vehicle Transport is the most common way to ship high-end, luxury, or antique vehicles, as it adds that extra layer of protection from any outside elements. Enclosed car transport carriers can generally carry up to only 6 vehicles at most, which is another reason it can cost up to 40% more than open-air car shipping. Another reason enclosed automobile transport is more expensive is that the cargo insurance they cover is usually up to 1 million dollars in coverage. Pick up times can also take a little longer than open car shipping request, as there are not as many enclosed car carriers as there are open.

Expedited Car Shipping Services

Expedited Transport Services is for when you have very strict timelines that need to be met when shipping a car for any given reason. Usually this involves a single, dedicated car hauler that is picking up your car only, so that there are no other distractions or chances of the schedule not being met. This type of auto transport can be very costly, but if the importance of the vehicle is being on time, it can be well worth the extra money. It is better than the consequences of it arriving late and missing something very important.


The total distance a car needs shipped is the biggest factor of what it will cost to hire a car transport. The next biggest factor will be the weight and size of the vehicle, as car haulers are regulated by DOT and FMSCA on how much they can carry at any given time. How fast you need a vehicle picked up can also greatly affect the cost to ship a car. The quicker you need transport services, the more it will cost. The last thing that can affect the cost of auto transport is the current cost of diesel fuel.


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