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Auto Shipping. Not Your Average Industry.

The Auto Shipping Industry is unique. So it demands a unique customer experience. In the Auto Shipping world, two distinct groups of Shipping Specialists are in constant negotiation; the Brokers and the Carriers. In order to get your vehicle transported, you’ll need to team up with a Broker to find the best Carrier for the job. We call this the Client-Broker Alliance.

Through this back and forth exchange with a national network of Carriers competing for your business,

USA CarShip will ensure that shipping your vehicle is easy and affordable for you.


The Client & USA CarShip Alliance

Free Consultation With Your Car Shipping Experts

Free Consultation 


Request a quote and a Designated Auto Shipping Advisor will be assigned to you. Your Advisor will do an assessment of the current market trends that could affect pricing and carrier availability. This assessment helps your Advisor better negotiate with Carriers on your behalf and will ensure you are informed of what to expect going forward

 Step 2 


Auto Shipping Quote

Book Your Carrier 


Once you accept an offer, a Shipping Agreement will be finalized and your spot reserved with the Carrier. All terms will be outlined in this document for your review and signature.

 Step 4 


Vehicle Transportation


The Carrier is required to keep you updated on the status of your shipment prior to pick-up and delivery. However, your 

USA CarShip Advisor remains available to you at all times to address any concerns or assist with status updates.

Auto Transporting Company

 Step 6 


 Step 1 


Place An Order
Once you book USA CarShip as your Broker, our Dispatch Department will start working on your order. Your Advisor will inform you when Carriers express interest in shipping your vehicle. As these are merely offers, you are not obliged to accept any bid that does not meet your schedule or budget priorities.


 Step 3 


Confirm Pick-Up


A Dispatch Notice provides all contact information for your Carrier. It is recommended that you call your Carrier prior to the pickup date to confirm all arrangements directly with the Driver they’ve assigned to you. Your USA CarShip Advisor is available should you need any additional assistance.

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 Step 5 




The Carrier will do a final inspection of your vehicle and will document this in the Bill of Lading (BOL). Sign the BOL after you’ve personally confirmed the condition of the vehicle. Payment to the Carrier is made on delivery in cash, cashiers cheque or money order.



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USA CarShip Inc. Fmcsa Licensed bonded accredited Automotive Car Carrier Services


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USA Carship Inc. Car Carrier Trailer
USA Carship Inc. Car Carrier Trailer

The system of transporting your vehicle from one part of the State to another, is mostly preferred when moving to a new location. The process is hassle free, secured and punctuality in delivery, and Americans solely rely on this. ​

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Usa Carship Inc.Inoperable Auto Transport  Inoperable Auto Transport    Getting a driver to winch yo
Usa Carship Inc.Inoperable Auto Transport Inoperable Auto Transport Getting a driver to winch yo

Shipping a non operable vehicle? - Reduce Costs, Get the Best Price Rate

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Usa Carship Inc. Open Vehicle Transportation
Usa Carship Inc. Open Vehicle Transportation

We help you in moving to another State, thousand miles away through Vehicle Transporting Services. Driving for longer miles is hectic and puts your vehicle at risk of getting damaged, adds additional miles too. Reaching the final destination, using our vehicle shipping services is now easy. With Vehicle shipping, the choice for open or closed carrier is available for you & your family. The below information will give you a great insight on the options.

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USA Carship Inc. Car Carrier Trailer
USA Carship Inc. Car Carrier Trailer

The system of transporting your vehicle from one part of the State to another, is mostly preferred when moving to a new location. The process is hassle free, secured and punctuality in delivery, and Americans solely rely on this. ​

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Open shipping services are in highest demand as it is the fastest to schedule and the most economical. Your vehicle is loaded onto an open trailer with roughly 10 other vehicles. These vehicles are tightly strapped in and secured. An Open-Trailer does not offer much protection from the elements.



This offers a higher degree of security and protection for your vehicle as it is loaded with only a few other vehicles and is completely protected from the elements. Enclosed-Trailer shipments are charged at a premium rate and slightly more difficult to schedule.



Also known as house-to-house, this shipping service ensures your Carrier will transport your vehicle from and to any address you specify.

Industry Experts


We have a diverse team of Auto Shipping Specialists who have extensive experience under the hood. You can be confident in the fact that your vehicle is being handled by industry veterans. Our experts will facilitate the entire process from booking straight through to having your vehicle delivered to your door.

Dedicated Advisors


From the very first point of contact, you will have a Dedicated Auto Shipping Advisor assigned to your order. Your Advisor will walk you through every step of the process to ensure your shipping experience flows seamlessly from point A to point B.

Custom Solutions


We know that every shipment is unique. Our team of experts work tirelessly to ensure you are provided with custom-built solutions for every situation. In a volatile industry, you can trust that the full weight of our expertise will ensure your vehicle gets to you safely.

Open Daily


Our Dispatch Team is available 7 days a week, 9am-8pm EST. Should your Shipping Advisor be unavailable, you’ll be forwarded to our switchboard for further assistance. Call our switchboard directly at (970) 531-6716 toll free.

Insurance Coverage


Insurance coverage for your vehicle is included in your quote and is held by the Carrier. We ensure our network of Carriers are fully insured at all times.

12K+ Carriers


We coordinate all shipments through a large network of licensed Auto Shipping Carriers nationwide. All Carriers are legally required to be fully licensed, insured and with USDOT credentials.


Special accommodation must be made for vehicles which are heavier, longer or taller than the average sedan. These vehicles will therefore be more expensive to ship.


Inoperable vehicles will require special equipment for loading purposes. It’s important that your inoperable vehicle can still roll, steer and brake in order for it to be loaded with a winch. These vehicles will cost more to ship.


Major towns and cities will have a lot more Carriers operating in the area. This results in lower costs than for more rural locations. Adding certain rural locations to a shipping route may require the Carrier to make a detour off its regular trucking lane. This additional time and fuel is added to your overall quote.


Shipping a vehicle during the winter months will be more expensive due to the adverse effects of snow and ice on many Trucking Lanes.


Shorter distances are more economical overall but are charged at a higher rate per mile. Longer distances are more expensive overall but are charged at a lower rate per mile.


When many vehicles wait for transportation on a route with limited Carriers being available, then prices for transportation start to increase due to the bidding wars that may occur between customers who want their vehicle loaded first as a priority shipment.

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