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 Enclosed Vehicle Transport 

 Several options are available if you choose to move your vehicle to a   new home or any destination across the USA. 

Automobile shipping using an enclosed trailer with unique features is different in many ways from an open transportation system. It might be the best option in many situations.

USA CarShip Inc. Trucks

Among other options, a truck vehicle is an enclosed mode transport system that is configured to be stacked with a number of vehicles, often seen on the highways making deliveries to dealers across the States. It may be the right option for your vehicle to move to the final location, anywhere.

Enclosed Vehicle Transport

Value of Vehicle

The vehicle type helps you decide whether to go for a closed transportation system or not. Enclosed vehicle trailers are the best option while moving expensive and antique vehicles from one destination to another and protect the investment.

Collector’s automobiles are not easily replaced or repaired and keeping them safely stored, moved and protected is absolutely essential.

Beyond the collection of vintages the moving of high end and custom made vehicles for specific uses are good candidates for enclosed trailers. It may not always have to be the exterior which needs protection, the content under the hood may be more valuable. For this type of added safety shipping, high end and expensive vehicles are suitable candidates.

Road Debris

Debris is always scattered on the roadside which may put a dent on the car body, if struck. Little can be done for the same, but can be avoided if transported fully covered in a closed truck. Chances of damage increases over long hauls. Construction sites with gravels may be a key factor for causing any damage to the car, but can be eliminated with closed trucks.

Overhangs and Branches

Tree branches cause great hurdles and the countryside is full of them, as well as many city roads. One should know the routes to avoid while transporting, else the side may get hit by a limbo, anytime.

Unknowingly, scratches can happen on the door panels, side mirrors or windows. When you move to any rural areas, once settled, take explore the areas and learn which roads to avoid or use for luxury drives.


Luxury and vintage cars attract crowds who may want to lay a finger on them and look inside and usually they will find a way to do it, harmlessly anyhow. However, if fully covered/hidden, it will escape their notice of the passerby and save your vintage or luxury car from getting explored by the curious ones.

The Environment

Rain can be avoided if the vehicle is stored in the garage, but when transporting it will have to take any weather which may hit while on the move. Even when meticulously planned, and checked the weather and routes, things can change in a jiffy. Mother nature is unpredictable. If shipped in an enclosed container, will not have to worry about wind, rain, sun heat or hail damage.

Peace of Mind

Moving is always hectic, even when planned well. Endless details need to be taken into account. Best way is to rely on the moving company, and give a rest to your tension. Focus on other more important things.

Pros and Cons of Enclosed Vehicle Shipping

Advantages to go with enclosed vehicles shipping were already mentioned. But, what

if you are not shipping an antique or valuable vehicle, which your kid may use to go to

the college ? Open and enclosed vehicle shipping have their own benefits and downsides.

If your car/vehicle has sentimental value, you may seek the highest level of protection for it. If not, you may have a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of the enclosed vehicle shipping.

As mentioned above, when transported in an enclosed vehicle your car is protected or guarded as it runs through the open road. The closed container will keep your auto safe and dry if the weather turns rainy or icy.

Insurance coverage is built into the system so no worry of theft of your vehicle. But, as we know prevention is better so to avoid scratches, or repairs or insurance claims, go with enclosed vehicle transportation.

The only drawback is the fare/expense as it is more costlier, due to fuel consumption and fewer vehicles moved in a single job but are beneficial and protective in most ways.

Two Types of Enclosed Vehicle Carriers

There are two types of carriers, you can choose for protection. The one or two tier vehicle trailers are best for expensive vehicles and multi vehicle trailer if budget is a constraint.

If you are unsure which one to go for, or need an expert opinion then Contact us NOW!

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