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Car Mats

Car Mats

Black / Black Luxury Car Mat

The stuff in Car Defender Mats: Car Defender mats are built of five layers of separate materials.

Exterior Layer - Exceptionally wear-safe leatherette that successfully decreases rubbing and helps stop scratches. Comes in your selection of colours and styles.

Foam Sponge Layer – Expands comfort for your feet and upgrades the presence of the top leather surface.

A Layer of Ultra – Fine waterproof fabric gives a quality backing for the weaving of the surface layer and the sponge. This layer guarantees the respectability of the string utilized in the mats.

A layer of Cross Connected Polyethylene – That assumes basic role in helping the formed mats hold their shape while adding sound protection to your vehicle.

A Bottom Layer of Anti-Slip Nylon Burr Mesh: That assumes a key role of settle the mat to the floor of your vehicle, forestalling development of the mats for expanded dependability and safety.

As opposed to the assurance, material structure and formed state of Car Defender, most standard vehicle mats available utilize inferior PVC materials and don't fit easily to the shape of your vehicle. The outcome for these items is lesser protection, constrained decision of style and shading, and diminished foot comfort. At Car Defender, our items have been deliberately intended to defeat these inadequacies.


1. Are the Car Defender mats wear resistant and scratch resistant?

Answer: Yes. Our uncommon artificial leather includes a high-quality anti-wear specialist to make the top layer more wear-safe and diminish scratching from metal objects or the occasionally harsh soles of shoes.

2.Are the Car Defender mats easy to install myself?
Answer: Yes, we utilize propelled 3D checking innovation for every vehicle to deliberately gauge the specific shape of your vehicle. The information from the sweep is straightforwardly taken care of into our exceptional laser cutting machine. The level of blunder is extremely little and the subsequent accuracy makes establishment simple.

3.Do the Car Defender mats protect the car from snow and snow melting in winter?
Answer: It assumes a defensive role. Notwithstanding the counter salt consumption impact of the counterfeit cowhide on a superficial level, our vehicle mats contain an extraordinary XPE material, which assumes a significant job in waterproofing the mats.

4. the Car Defender mats resistant to corrosive liquids?
Answer: No. Gasoline and acid-base destructive chemicals can harm the surface and should not be applied to the mats.

5.Are the Car Defender mats easy to clean?
Extremely simple. Basically utilize a vacuum cleaner to clean within the vehicle, at that point clean the surface with an off wet towel. On the other hand, evacuate the vehicle tangles and wash with water.

6. Can the Car Defender mats be put into the washing machine for cleaning and drying?
Answer: No.

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